The next project from us will be…. The Undead: Book Three, Asia

So, exciting news from us with regards to our next project. Michelle will start research for the next book in the zombie series in the new year. Again it will tell the story of what happened after the zombie outbreak happened and will cover Asia.

You can buy the first two books in paperback or as a Kindle e-book:

The Undead: Book One, Overview
What might life be like in a world beset by billions of human zombies? The Undead: Book One, Overview is an introduction to a nightmarish world in which the last few million humans are living in the shadow of a terrible and incurable virus that is drowning the species under a wave of billions of zombies. Book one focuses on how a British government would react to the crisis of suddenly finding that more than 58 million of its people had become highly infectious zombies and that the survivors are all infected with an incurable condition that will turn them into zombies upon death. The worldwide Infection Event occurred in 2020 and the dwindling human race has been struggling to survive in a poisoned world ever since.

The Undead: Book Two, North America
The sequel to The Undead: Book One, Overview looks at the worldwide RVS2 zombie pandemic as it happened in continental North America. Focusing on the emotional reality of life in the Crisis and the conditions on the ground of the new nation, United America, Book Two details the continuing survival of the Western superpower, even as it stares slow, inexorable oblivion in the face.

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Books six and seven are now online!

Our latest books to come from the printers are now online!

The Undead: Book Two, North America is the sequel to the first book, Overview, and focuses on what would happen to America, Canada and Mexico in a zombie apocalypse. You can find out more here:

How Long Have You Really Got? is a romantic comedy, focusing on Jay and Em. You can find out more here:

It’s so exciting when your books come from the printer 😀

Latest news!

Well, we have been busy bunnies at Pugh Towers. Not only is Wife Maintenance Quarterly now selling online, but books six and seven are due from the printers on Wednesday! They are the second book in the The Undead zombie series, The Undead: Book Two, North America, and our office romance title, How Long Have You Really Got? Can’t wait to see them both in print! 🙂