Goodreads giveaways

One thing I really love about the Goodreads website is the facility for authors to offer their books as giveaways to readers, often before their release date. We have run a few book giveaways for our books through Goodreads in the past, and we found it a fantastic way to spread the word about our books. It was brilliant to receive reviews from people who might otherwise not have read our books, or even heard of them.

On the other hand, I have entered quite a few giveaways myself and have added lots of books to my ‘to read’ list that I hadn’t previously heard of.

In case you haven’t taken a look at their giveaway page, here is the link:

Have you ever won a book through Goodreads? Have you had any good/bad experiences with giveaways? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Article: 10 Surprising New Twitter Stats To Help You Reach More Followers

I have been using Twitter since June 2012 but I still have so much to learn. I found the below article and I just had to share it. If you’re trying to attract more followers and grow your ‘brand’, then I recommend to take a look.

The point I found most useful was number 7: “Twitter users who mostly use a mobile device are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute”. Now I know that this probably seems really obvious, but as I don’t have a smartphone, I tend to use Twitter once I’m home from work. If I had a smartphone, then I would definitely use it on the way to and from the office. Already from this article, I have learned that I’m at a disadvantage when trying to tweet about our books as the day is pretty much over by the time I get online. I guess one of my 2015 resolutions is to get a smartphone! Also, the time that I am tweeting the most in the week (around 6pm – 8pm) is not a great time to tweet as most people are having dinner around this time.

Take a look and let me know if any of the article was helpful for you 🙂

Book events for children

A website I have just discovered is “Book Events For Children“. Their ‘About Us’ says,

“Here at ‘Book Events for Children’ we share a love of children’s books and we bring together inspiring book-related activities for children across the UK. The site is run by Clare Burkhill-Howarth, a book-lover and mum of three.
Aimed at parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone with an interest in children’s books, ‘Book Events for Children’ collates information about upcoming events for children. We have all the news on literary festivals for children, children’s theatre productions, book signings, library events and more.”

Their website address is so if you’re looking to attend book events then take a look! 🙂

Top 18 Book Launch Tips

Savvy Writers & e-Books online


A great reason to celebrate the launch of your new book, which might have taken months or years to write, is a book launch party, actual or maybe even virtual. You will want to thank everyone who helped with the creation of your book and introduce your latest work to your adoring readers. With today’s digital printing techniques it is possible to have a couple of print books to sign at your event – even if your book is officially offered only as an e-book.

Plan Your Event at Least Two Months Ahead
The date can be well after the book hit the shelves or the Amazon sales pages. Important is that you invite as much people as possible (they won’t all come! Don’t worry) and that you get as much buzz as possible from book bloggers, from your Social Media followers, local book clubs and hopefully the…

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It’s all about the poster art

One of the things about being indie is trying to do things on the cheap (i.e. as free as possible). This can lead to my promotional posters looking a little on the Blue Peter side. I have created a poster about our books for the Amazon Kindle versions, but I’ve tried my best. So don’t judge. *sob*

Amazon poster

Be A Supporter of


We offer a ‘supporters’ page which lists published titles
and cross-links between and the authors’ own
website. Even if the author already lists other online suppliers
as a source for ordering their books, by placing a link to readers are given the option to show their support
for genuine ‘bricks and mortar’ bookshops.

Several authors, including NeilGaiman, Joanne Harris, Ian McEwan, have inserted links on their websites offering this option to their readers.

For more details contact us

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Savvy Writers and e-Books online

One WordPress blog I have found so so useful for a long time now is Savvy Writers & e-Books online (

I highly recommend that you follow them. They post every day, and cover all sorts of topics such as “12 Tips for Your Professional Amazon Author Page“, “How Readers Can Find Your Book” and “Benefits of Using for Social Media“.

It’s not all fun and games, you know!

I just wanted to write this post for any of you non-author publicists (like me!) out there. Sometimes you do find yourself staring at the PC, knowing what you want to do, but the tiny cogs in your brain have slowed down to practically not moving, and you find yourself randomly clicking on rubbish on the t’interweb. When these times occur (and they will!), take yourself off to do something non-publicity, like I am now. A quick cup of tea and a tidy up in the garden, and I’ll be right as rain. I hope. *fingers crossed*