Audio extracts of our books

Something we’ve always been interested in, is having our books as audiobooks. We’re a bit (okay a lot!) low on funds, so I decided to record my own. I have created two audiobook extracts for both The Liverpool Vampire and Admin Is Hell, and I’m waiting to find out the verdict from the land of the internet peoples before I commit myself to creating them for the other eight books, as it takes so long to record them, edit them and then make them into YouTube friendly files. Please give me any feedback, positive or negative, as I’d like to improve on them if I can 🙂

Colin Brown live on Mersey Radio on 20th April 2015

Liverpool historian Frank Carlyle hosts a two hour show every Monday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on Mersey Radio playing “Hits from the 60’s and 70’s with a little bit of history thrown in”.

Tomorrow night (20th April 2015), Liverpool indie author Colin Brown is being interviewed by Frank. Colin wrote “Dachau to Dingle: A Toxteth Childhood” which is available from Amazon as a Kindle book here.

You can listen to Mersey Radio online. Mersey Radio is funded entirely by donations and sponsorship, so please consider making a donation to help keep the station on air 🙂

Books six and seven are now online!

Our latest books to come from the printers are now online!

The Undead: Book Two, North America is the sequel to the first book, Overview, and focuses on what would happen to America, Canada and Mexico in a zombie apocalypse. You can find out more here:

How Long Have You Really Got? is a romantic comedy, focusing on Jay and Em. You can find out more here:

It’s so exciting when your books come from the printer 😀