The Bare Minimum – a Small Business Perspective on $15 Per Hour

An excellent article, everyone should read this!


I don’t pay my employees enough.  That’s hard to admit.

I mean, I don’t cross picket lines, I’m a patient driver, I garden vegetables and work in my wood shop, I love animals and people, and I can get along with just about anyone.  I’m a good guy.  And my staff are not just employees to me. I see their talents, their struggles, their hopes and dreams – their lives mean something to me.  They are my friends.

They’re no slouches, either. Among us we have published writers, artists, aspiring lawyers, career booksellers, political activists, bartenders, actors and photographers.  My store is not a place one goes to wash out – it’s a place one goes to click in.

Still, I know they (we) struggle. I’ve only managed to bring the starting salary about .75 above minimum plus free health insurance, book credit, bonuses at the end of the year…

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News round up – Thursday 25th June 2015

Below are the interesting news stories I’ve found online today 🙂

Falmouth Bookseller hosts a surprise literary proposal
West Briton

Jayne Dowle: Visit your local bookshop before the final page turns
The Yorkshire Post

Football pundit colouring book released including ex-Liverpool, Tottenham and Newcastle stars. Oh, and… Des Lynam in the nude

Marvel to Publish 3 Adult Coloring Books

’90s Teens Rejoice! ‘Sweet Valley High’ Is Getting A Reboot
MTV News

It’s Independent Bookshop Week!

I know that I’m a little late with this post but between 20th and 27th June, it’s Independent Bookshop Week! It’s such a shame that so many independent bookshops are closing down. An article on the Guardian’s website on 19th June stated, “Last year almost twice as many bookshops closed down as new ones opened. There are 939 independents left in the UK and Ireland, compared with more than 1,500 a decade ago, according to the latest count by the Booksellers Association.” It’s crazy to think that so many have had to close down.

The Independent Booksellers Week website explain, “Independent Bookshop Week (20th to 27th June 2015) is part of the Books Are My Bag campaign, and seeks to celebrate independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland. We do this with events, celebrations, reading groups, storytelling, author signings, literary lunches and face painting! Your local bookshop will have their own way of celebrating, and we encourage you to visit to celebrate with them. Check out our Twitter account – @IndieBound_UK – for regular updates on IBW events and bookshop happenings.”

So, if you’re in the market for new books, pop along to your local independent bookshop. If you’re not sure where your local independent bookshop is, you can search via The Booksellers Association. If we don’t buy from them, there’s the worry that they’ll disappear from our high streets for good. 

Nomad Books

This sounds like a fantastic bookshop and I have added it to my list of places for us to visit in London in the future.

The Matilda Project

IMG_2837Nomad Books, 781 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5HA

Like many of you, I am, for all intents and purposes, a ‘grown up.’ I live in a flat, where I pay rent and bills and spend time between coming home from work and going back again. I have an alarm set for 7:20 every weekday morning. I leave the house at around 8:20 and take the Victoria line to work. I work until 6pm, when I walk back to the station and take the tube home. I worry about horrible colleagues, unmet targets and the damp in the corner of the bedroom. In other words, I have a routine. Most days, I do pretty much exactly the same thing. But some days, I do something different.

It seems to me there are two modes of everyday living. You can live in your little bubble or box, going back and forth between…

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