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You can read more about each of the books by clicking the links below 🙂

Admin Is Hell
When a sneaky, festive, extra-marital tryst ends in a double murder and suicidal bloodbath, you can be certain that there will hell to pay. Horror/fiction.

The Box Of Mirrors
A short, surreal comedy novel about the time that Sebastian England found that he was held against his will inside his own head. Mental health, comedy/fiction.

Sergeant Cuddlington and The War At Sea
Anti-war book containing two short stories about war and politics. One story is about a personal experience of war, and how patriotism and pacifism collide for one soldier. The second story is about war and politics at a national level, where the struggle for dominance sees untold numbers go to their grave. War and politics/fiction.

Wife Maintenance Quarterly and Wife Maintenance Quarterly II
Primarily intended for new husbands, but it is also of use to old hands looking for tips on how to train and how to get the best out of their wives, singletons who’ve heard bad things and are afraid of making the plunge and, of course, women themselves looking for advice on how to be the best little wives they can be. Satirical comedy/fiction.

The Liverpool Vampire
An examination of a type of magical serial killer, the vampire, able to act with impunity, and the impact that such a person would have on their victims. Horror/fiction.

Judgement Of The Vampire
Set in Britain in 1976, eleven years after the events in The Liverpool Vampire, Judgement Of The Vampire tells the separate stories of Stephen and Dafydd. Horror/fiction.

How Long Have You Really Got?
There’s no time to waste in this life; how long have you really got? Romantic comedy/fiction.

The Undead: Book One, Overview and The Undead: Book Two, North America
What might life be like in a world beset by billions of human zombies? Book one focuses on how a British government would react to the crisis of suddenly finding that more than 58 million of its people had become highly infectious zombies and that the survivors are all infected with an incurable condition that will turn them into zombies upon death. Book two looks at the worldwide RVS2 zombie pandemic as it happened in continental North America. Horror/fiction.

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