Guess who bought a Kindle?

Yes, me! I have finally joined the technological age (to be fair, I bought my first iPod 10 years after they were first available!) and I now have a Kindle. I haven’t chosen the Kindle over physical books, it will be easier for me to review other people’s books if I have read them on the Kindle šŸ™‚

Paula Danziger

One of the authors who first got me interested in reading, besides Enid Blyton, was Paula Danziger. I found out about her books by going to the library, and the first book of hers that I read wasĀ Can You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice?Ā Paula wrote more than 30 books, and her first release was The Cat Ate My Gymsuit in 1974.

Today (18th August) marks 70 years since Paula was born, but sadly she passed away in 2004, aged just 59.

Enid Blyton

I’ve just found out that it’s Enid Blyton’s birthday today. She was born on 11th August in London in 1897, and sadly passed away in 1968, aged 71.

It was Enid Blyton’s books that first got me into reading (this was back in 1985 when I was six), as my mum didn’t have much money, but she would be able to buy me Enid Blyton books from church jumble sales orĀ car boot sales as there were plenty of stories to choose from.

My favourite Enid Blyton book was The Folk of the Faraway Tree, which is theĀ third book in theĀ Faraway Tree series. Even seeing the namesĀ Silky, Moonface and Saucepan Man on Wikipedia is making me feel all warm inside and I can see in my mind my white bookshelf with my Enid Blyton books on in my old bedroom (even though it’s my brother’s bedroom now and looks nothing like my old room!). It just shows how strong childhood memories can be, 30 years on.