My lovely book poster for Wife Maintenance Quarterly

Inspiration struck me earlier, and I had an idea for a book poster, and here it is. Beautiful!

Wife Maintenance Quarterly

Should I really be this excited about posters?!


A friend told me all about Adobe InDesign and how it would be useful for me to use to create posters about Michael’s books. Previously, I’ve just been using MS Word or PowerPoint and creating jpgs that way, which have been okay but not an amazing standard. I have just downloaded Adobe InDesign (currently on a free trial), and I am about to create my first poster. To say that I’m excited about it is an understatement. This is what my life has become: aged 36, sitting in on a Saturday night, about to create some posters. It might sound like an odd Saturday night, but I’m happy! 😀

It’s all about the poster art

One of the things about being indie is trying to do things on the cheap (i.e. as free as possible). This can lead to my promotional posters looking a little on the Blue Peter side. I have created a poster about our books for the Amazon Kindle versions, but I’ve tried my best. So don’t judge. *sob*

Amazon poster

Books six and seven are now online!

Our latest books to come from the printers are now online!

The Undead: Book Two, North America is the sequel to the first book, Overview, and focuses on what would happen to America, Canada and Mexico in a zombie apocalypse. You can find out more here:

How Long Have You Really Got? is a romantic comedy, focusing on Jay and Em. You can find out more here:

It’s so exciting when your books come from the printer 😀

Latest news!

Well, we have been busy bunnies at Pugh Towers. Not only is Wife Maintenance Quarterly now selling online, but books six and seven are due from the printers on Wednesday! They are the second book in the The Undead zombie series, The Undead: Book Two, North America, and our office romance title, How Long Have You Really Got? Can’t wait to see them both in print! 🙂