It’s Independent Bookshop Week!

I know that I’m a little late with this post but between 20th and 27th June, it’s Independent Bookshop Week! It’s such a shame that so many independent bookshops are closing down. An article on the Guardian’s website on 19th June stated, “Last year almost twice as many bookshops closed down as new ones opened. There are 939 independents left in the UK and Ireland, compared with more than 1,500 a decade ago, according to the latest count by the Booksellers Association.” It’s crazy to think that so many have had to close down.

The Independent Booksellers Week website explain, “Independent Bookshop Week (20th to 27th June 2015) is part of the Books Are My Bag campaign, and seeks to celebrate independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland. We do this with events, celebrations, reading groups, storytelling, author signings, literary lunches and face painting! Your local bookshop will have their own way of celebrating, and we encourage you to visit to celebrate with them. Check out our Twitter account – @IndieBound_UK – for regular updates on IBW events and bookshop happenings.”

So, if you’re in the market for new books, pop along to your local independent bookshop. If you’re not sure where your local independent bookshop is, you can search via The Booksellers Association. If we don’t buy from them, there’s the worry that they’ll disappear from our high streets for good. 

Book events for children

A website I have just discovered is “Book Events For Children“. Their ‘About Us’ says,

“Here at ‘Book Events for Children’ we share a love of children’s books and we bring together inspiring book-related activities for children across the UK. The site is run by Clare Burkhill-Howarth, a book-lover and mum of three.
Aimed at parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone with an interest in children’s books, ‘Book Events for Children’ collates information about upcoming events for children. We have all the news on literary festivals for children, children’s theatre productions, book signings, library events and more.”

Their website address is so if you’re looking to attend book events then take a look! 🙂