So, I’m now writing a book…

As well as being the publicist for my wife Michelle’s books, I will also be my own publicist soon as I am writing my own book.

It’s a romantic comedy that is being written over the space of a year, diary style, and is semi-based on my life (hence the diary style-ness of the book). I’ll update when I have news, but for now I’m still kind of in the planning stages 🙂

How To Survive Writing The Story With No Title #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting

Great advice!


I never thought the writer control freak inside of me would permit the writing of a story WITH NO TITLE.

Even writing the words ‘no title’ make me shiver.

I never thought I could start writing a story without typing the story title at the top, making it bold and underlining it.

I never thought I would have to manage a bunch of characters in my head who are part of ‘the untitled story.’

Can I just say that its not been easy for my characters as theyhave faced a lot of ridicule from my other characters, who are part of a story with a title.

I never thought I could write something referred to in my head as ‘untitled.’

If I had met you a few months ago and you had asked me to start writing a story without a title, I would have given you an odd…

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Well hello!

Wow, it seems that I haven’t been on this website since July 2016, yes 2016! The world of Merryn has been really busy and I have changed jobs so I haven’t really had the chance to be on here. I’m looking forward to catching up with book news and I will be posting again soon 🙂