Crowdfunded book publishing via Inkshares

I may be the last to catch onto this, but I’ve just happened upon a great website called Inkshares. They explain how it works below:

“Our process is simple: authors pitch, readers pre-order, and we publish. Any author can submit a proposal for a book. Once the project goes live, readers support the project by pre-ordering copies of the book. Readers are charged only when books hit their goal. Once the pre-order threshold is hit, we start publishing: we assign authors an editor, a designer, and we handle all aspects of printing, distribution, and marketing once the manuscript is finished.”

Their stats page is pretty interesting; as of 2:48am on Sunday 30th August 2015:


That’s a lot of author royalties! It seems that a lot of Inkshares’ readers come from Facebook, which I was really surprised at. There are loads of projects I’d love to back but especially “Slothlove“: an inspirational sloth photobook: beautiful sloth photos, inspirational stories and interesting sloth facts. A 100-page art-and-photography book 🙂

Take a look at Inkshares’ website for more information 🙂

2 thoughts on “Crowdfunded book publishing via Inkshares

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have published one cartoon book 100 full color cartoons with createspace (cheapest and satisfied) but costs about $10 to manufacture and amazon takes $4 cut so at $15 hard to sell and have to go with that to get 87 cents royalty.

    1. You’re welcome. That’s crazy, 87 cents per book?! It’s just crazy trying to sell books nowadays. We don’t sell our paperback books on Amazon, only via our own webshop, so yes the ‘royalty’ is higher but we aren’t anywhere near as visible. Are you going to try Inkshares?

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