The Six Book Challenge

I have recently found out about the Six Book Challenge, which is run by The Reading Agency and takes place every year in libraries, colleges, workplaces and prisons.

Their “How to join in” webpage says,

“The Reading Agency’s Six Book Challenge invites you to pick six reads and record them in a diary to get a certificate. Sign up now and create a profile.

You may be taking part already through your library, college or workplace – in which case you will already have a reading diary. If not, please contact us and say where you’re based so that we can try to link you up with someone running the Six Book Challenge near you and you can get a reading diary through them. Once you’ve completed the challenge you can enter a national prize draw. Last year, prizes included Kobo eReaders and a trip to London.

You can read anything you like: newspapers, poems, plays, websites, books and more.

Once you’ve created a profile you’ll be able to do lots of things including sharing reviews and finding new things to read. Follow the links below to see more.”

This is a really clever idea as I know lots of people who love reading but “never have the time”. If they were part of a group taking part in this, then I bet they’d find the time somehow! 🙂

Are you already part of a group? Are you going to take part in the Six Book Challenge?


2 thoughts on “The Six Book Challenge

  1. I am part of a book club that reads one book a month. I normally read another couple on top of that. It’s one big upside of a 45 minute commute.

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