Paula Danziger

One of the authors who first got me interested in reading, besides Enid Blyton, was Paula Danziger. I found out about her books by going to the library, and the first book of hers that I read was Can You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice? Paula wrote more than 30 books, and her first release was The Cat Ate My Gymsuit in 1974.

Today (18th August) marks 70 years since Paula was born, but sadly she passed away in 2004, aged just 59.


4 thoughts on “Paula Danziger

  1. Hey, I remember Paula Danziger! I don’t think I read as many of her books as I did Enid Blyton’s, but when we were teens everyone was reading her books. And I loved The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. Too bad she passed away so young.

    1. I used to read Paula Danziger and Judy Blume, they were the main authors when we were teenagers. I know, it’s so sad as I bet she had so many books still to write 😦

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