West End Lane Books

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West End Lane Books, 277 West End Lane, London, NW6 1QS

‘Now that we have smart phones and tablets, people are getting more isolated by the day.’

‘People don’t care about the high street any more; we’ve lost our sense of community.’

‘Parents don’t read with their children these days; they just give them iPads and let those do the work.’

‘Bookshops are relics of the past and books are on the way out.’

These are just some of the nasty, ludicrous lies that I hear spat back at me with a little too much pleasure whenever I tell people that I spend much of my time daydreaming about owning a quiet, peaceful, messy little bookshop of my own one day.

I tell them: ‘It will have big comfortable chairs where mums and dads can sit and read while they wait, with their little ones happily sitting in the children’s…

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Bookstore Wednesday: Keats & Chapman Books

Spine Cracker

2014-04-09-16-44-24 I have decided to start a feature on this blog where I shine a spotlight on some of the best bookstores. I decided to start off with my favourite local bookshop but I will look up interesting stores from around the world, and if you want to give your local one a mention feel free to join in.

Words cannot express how much I love this bookshop. It is called Keats and Chapman Books but it was previously known as The Bookshop. It is situated in the centre of Belfast in Northern Ireland. I will post directions or a map below to help you find it because it can be a little tricky to find, unless you are familiar with the area.


My favourite thing about this shop is that it is almost magical when it comes to its size. When you are outside the shop seems like your regular small…

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