Workshop: Writing For Young Adults

A great post if you’re writing YA fiction 🙂

Ceinwen Langley

As part of the Perth Writers Festival, I was lucky enough to participate in a workshop with A.J. Betts on how to write for young adults. As the author of the completely wonderful Text prize winning Zac & Mia (which I read in one sitting) and part time teacher, she’s a pretty great person to listen to on the subject.

157574862013 Australian Edition

As promised, here is a summary of my notes and the writing exercises we worked though. There was a lot of class discussion and general chat that I won’t bother going into, and this is in no way a good substitute for a three hour workshop, but it’s a decent overview and hopefully it’s helpful to some of you.

General Notes: 

  • A Young Adult book is 30k – 100k words, with the average sitting around 50k – 60k.
  • They are divided into chapters, which are usually short and…

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