The dwindling decline of independent bookshops in Leeds

A great list of independent bookshops! I can’t wait to pop into each of these when I next go back to visit my mum 🙂

Sophie DiMauro

Independent bookshops in Leeds city centre are on the decline. It’s easy to find and purchase books from the main retail chain stores such as WHSmith, Waterstones and Blackwells but when looking for something a little more unique and less commercial, the number of independent book shops in the centre, appears to have fizzled out.

Finding a bookshop which has a unique range of books shouldn’t be a challenge. But with the rise of the internet and a new demand for kindles and e-books, it’s worth questioning how much longer paperbacks will exist.
However, it could be argued that music books,magazines and artistic books are timeless. There is something simplistic about having the physicality of a book in front of you, being able turn the pages one by one, smelling the fresh print and the reassurance that there is no way your book can run out of battery or break on…

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