Here’s a Bed That Looks Like a Book

This is fab! 🙂


Artist Ruth Beale has created “Bookbed”, a bed-sized book that is on display as part of an exhibition produced with Peckham Library in London.

At the adjacent public gallery Peckham Platform, the bright red “cover” topped with a striped mattress and white pages made of duvets is supposed to promote libraries as places where creativity happens.

“Libraries are one of the few meeting points between society and the individual, public and private,” the artist said in a statement. “They represent more than the sum of their parts because they offer us both practical services and the potential for educational and cultural development.”

According to a review of the piece by contemporary art magazine this is tomorrow, “The bed as book is a neat allusion to the pleasures of reading, and symbolic of our relationship to the library books that we borrow, how they leave public spaces and enter our private…

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Email accounts and filtering

One thing I learned early on with my other blog littlemisschocchoc was, to be able to use your WordPress account most effectively, you really need a specific email account set up just for your blog. That way, you can set up filters on your email account (if your account supports that function) to ferry the new email into its relative folder without even bothering your inbox. Also, you can see all of the posts from a specific account, or keep on top of everything easier, rather than be overwhelmed with an inbox with hundreds of emails in it.

I found that my Reader didn’t go all the way back in time to wherever I left off the last time I was online, so this was a perfect solution 😀

Savvy Writers and e-Books online

One WordPress blog I have found so so useful for a long time now is Savvy Writers & e-Books online (

I highly recommend that you follow them. They post every day, and cover all sorts of topics such as “12 Tips for Your Professional Amazon Author Page“, “How Readers Can Find Your Book” and “Benefits of Using for Social Media“.

It’s not all fun and games, you know!

I just wanted to write this post for any of you non-author publicists (like me!) out there. Sometimes you do find yourself staring at the PC, knowing what you want to do, but the tiny cogs in your brain have slowed down to practically not moving, and you find yourself randomly clicking on rubbish on the t’interweb. When these times occur (and they will!), take yourself off to do something non-publicity, like I am now. A quick cup of tea and a tidy up in the garden, and I’ll be right as rain. I hope. *fingers crossed*

Blind date… in the bookshop?!

Such a fab idea! 😀

Charlecote Park: Uncovered

We’ve been having a great time perusing the bookshelves in our 2nd Hand Book shop. In the run up to valentine’s day, we’re asking you to have a blind date with a book!

You might think we’ve gone a little crazy… but when we saw a recent tweet from a bookshop in America doing the same thing, we thought ‘why not?!’.

So what does it entail?

Well, its simple really.

We’ve selected some books from our stocks of donations and wrapped them in brown paper. You won’t be able to judge a book by its cover, nor can you read a synopsis of the story. We will give you a hint of the genre and even tell you who chose the book, but the rest will remain a surprise!

blind date books

Come and…

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